Power Generation & Distribution

TRANSGULF designs, manufactures and supplies Protection Relays, Protection and Control IEDs and RTUs focused on power Generation, Transmission and Distribution applications. TRANSGULF’s portfolio also includes in-house designed Power Electronics solutions – such as STATCOMs, Energy Storage Systems or SSSC Power Flow Controllers – and other solutions based on the manufacturing of Synchronous Condenser, which help to increase the T&D’s network power quality, continuity of service and grid’s stability as well as to optimize operation of the electric system. TRANSGULF’s System Engineering department designs, manufactures, supplies and commissions Substation Automation, Distribution Automation and Power Electronic turnkey projects worldwide.

Additional services, such as Technical Consulting, Technical Advice and Application support are provided from TRANSGULF’s Application Engineering area. As well complete integration of the Synchronous Condenser solutions in the Transmission and Distributions Grid. Our certified team analyses and determine the need of your HVAC maintenance. Our Electrical testing provides high quality, high voltage and medium voltage electrical installation and Testing across UAE carrying out a series of tests on all the wiring contained within our client’s building. We are experienced in dealing with any cabling project, no matter how big or small industry, from Low voltage up to 132kv.

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Power Generation

You need a service provider with extensive industry knowledge and acumen. We understand what power generation services are necessary for market leaders, and meet your ever-evolving requirements. The power generation industry is changing rapidly, but what you can rely on staying the same is our commitment to providing you with industry-leading services. Using our expertise and extensive engineering resources, we also provide service support to ensure your operations continue reliably and according to planned maintenance. By regularly updating your electrical control and instrumentations systems we minimize your energy use and prolong the operating life of your assets, which ultimately reduces your operational costs. We offer :

  • TransGulf Power Generation Care
  • Advanced Services
  • Extensions, Upgrades & Retrofits
  • Maintenance
  • Service for Excitation Systems
  • Digital for Power Generation

Power Transmission

With our advanced and cost-effective life cycle services and service solutions we can preserve and increase the value of your facilities. Our service spectrum covers the energy supply path from the power plant to transmission and sub-transmission. Our primary goal is to minimize the consumption of your resources and the amount of capital tied-up. Our offering :

  • Enterprise software
  • High Voltage Products
  • HVDC
  • Network Management
  • Power Consulting
  • Substations and Electrification
  • Substation Automation Protection & Control
  • Transformers

Power Distribution

Smart energy distribution makes TransGulf the partner of choice for utilities, industries, transport and infrastructure. In a new world of electrical power distribution with integrated renewables, TransGulf has the smart distribution solutions required to ensure reliability and safety with minimal power losses.

  • Digital Solutions
  • NeoGear SwitchGear
  • Eco-efficient SwitchGear
  • UniGear Digital SwitchGear